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Message from Board President Sue Patz

SAVE THE DATE: Wed. October 10, from 4-7pm.  Official Dedication Ceremonies 4:30pm.

Anniversary Party and Dedication of Clayworks Way!  Community and civic leaders gather to celebrate this milestone and success.  Open House Tours, Student/Camper/Artist Exhibitions. Culmination of Global Day of Clay at Baltimore Clayworks.


  • By mid-September, all Resident Artists will be working at their Clayworks studios. Don’t miss the evening of SEPTEMBER 15, when these artists are introduced to the community and offer talks coinciding with the opening of Welcome to Our Clayborhood, the new exhibition that includes their work. Learn why we are so excited to have these emerging artists in our studios and in Baltimore.
  • Resident Artists Hannah Pierce, Wes Brown and Kourtney Stone have been busy in their studios this summer. They have also taught classes and worked in our community programs. Jeremy Wallace, wood and soda kiln firing artist, continues to awe students and ceramicists.
  • This summer, Baltimore Clayworks’ Board chose the next bank that will refinance our commercial mortgage and put to bed the $750,000 balloon payment inherited from previous leadership. This transfer will occur within days, culminating a year of hard work to put our organization on stable financial footing.
  • The Search Committee for the permanent Executive Director has been active since May. After narrowing down the field to 3 finalists, we expect to welcome Clayworks’ new Executive Director imminently.
  • Nicole Fall, our interim Executive Director, will work to orient the new ED. As she moves out of her Executive role, she leaves behind a trail of accomplishments. One recent achievement is the awarding of a large grant from Baltimore City Children and Youth Fund. Under this grant, Clayworks will link maker technology and ceramics to give young Baltimoreans valuable job skills. Kudos to our grant writing team and innovative thinkers- Nicole Fall, Mary Cloonan and Candace Mitchell, and thanks to the continued support of the City of Baltimore.
  • We have received another prestigious and large grant that cannot be announced yet. We look forward to going public with this good news soon.
  • Summer camp is ending on a high note with excellent enrollment and treasured artwork out of the kilns and adorning campers’ family shelves.
  • Fall classes begin mid and late September. Sign up now before your class of choice fills! Bring friends and family to enjoy a “Date Night” or “Try -It,” or take a 4, 10, or 12-week class.

Come on Down!  There is great art in the studio, joy in the classrooms, gallery exhibits are superb and the Gallery shop awaits your purchase. Come in and introduce yourself to staff, artists, and others.

From the entire Board and Staff, it is a pleasure for us to be able to report the events highlighted above. The dedicated and hard work that the community invested in Clayworks over the past year is coming together wonderfully.

Thank you all,

Sue Patz

Board of Trustees (President)

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July/August Exhibitions

Baltimore Clayworks is thrilled to have our Gallery Building filled with invigorating exhibitions of contemplative figures and winsome creatures that will occupy our space and your imagination. Shows will run this summer from July 14th – September 1st, 2018. An Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, July 14th from 6 – 8pm. The reception is free and open to the public.

Follow these links to read more about each show and see photos!

Of Mind and Memory: Sara E. Morales-Morgan

Riding Long Dead Horses: Trisha Kyner

Aberrant Beings: Brad Blair

Recent Sculptures: David Aaron Friedheim

In addition to these wonderful shows inside, we are proud to share the marvelous metal sculpture Chameleon, by Grendel’s Mother (David Aaron Friedheim and Trisha Kyner) on our front lawn.

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Letter from the President May 2018

Letter from the President May 2018

Hello Clayworks Community,

It is exciting to be approaching a one-year milestone this fall celebrating the ReOPENING of Baltimore Clayworks. “Seven months in” the leadership team is already proud to acknowledge the successful relaunch of all four program areas: education, community arts, exhibitions, and artist residencies. Very soon we will share some wonderful details about our new Resident Artists.

Not as obvious, but as important, we have accomplished many “behind the scenes” infrastructure challenges and continue to transition to new and updated digital technology. The organization has completed a large portion of debt repayment due to you, our strong and generous community and the critical long-term government and foundation support that values the importance of Clayworks in serving Baltimore and Maryland communities.

Of course my letters will always acknowledge Clayworks’ volunteers and a very patient, dedicated and professional staff. In addition, your tireless Board logged in over 3,000 volunteer hours of their time- and this was just in the first 3 months of Clayworks’ reopening. (October 1-December 31, 2017).

I am pleased to announce that all of our Board Minutes and the 2018 Board meeting schedule are posted online. We have spent a good deal of time at Board meetings discussing and conducting research about the posting of minutes online to accomplish our primary goals of transparency and building/ rebuilding trust with the Clayworks Community. It’s taken longer than we intended, but the request to post Minutes is now taking place.

The minutes from October 2017- April 2018 are official, recording decisions made by the Board and details of topics discussed. Executive sessions are used for legal or personnel matters and as such are not public. Financial reports have always been public and can be found in 990’s online, in the Annual Reports, or are available upon request.

Our commitment as a Board is that we ARE our community and we share the deep interest in making the best decisions for Clayworks with you. We want and will always seek community in-put through the website, open communication (we welcome informal conversations), committees and community meetings.

I’m looking forward to seeing you JUNE 1st at Spice It Up and the Seconds Sale that extends into the weekend. Bring friends and family. And join us in a Summer Class or by sending your children or grandchildren, or your friends and neighbors’ children to Clayworks Summer Camp.

Sue Patz

Susan Patz
Board of Trustees

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Letter from the Interim Executive Director

Hello Clayworks Community,

Thank you for attending the quarterly Community Meeting a couple of weeks ago. We have heard your request for access to our board minutes and financial information. We are currently preparing the minutes of the past 7 months.

Below is the link to our 2016 990. (990s are essentially taxes for non-profit organizations.) Our 2017 990 should be completed soon.

We do want to maintain open communication as you have been so forthright with us and SO helpful in bringing Clayworks back.

The next Community Meetings meetings will be on Sundays, September 9th and December 9th, from 3 - 5 pm.

Please feel free to contact me anytime;

We look forward to seeing you at Spice It Up! on Friday, June 1 and at the Seconds Sale June 1-3.

Thank you,

Nicole Fall

Interim Executive Director

Community Input Meeting Jan. 27

Baltimore Clayworks invites its Community and others to its first “Quarterly Community Input Meeting,” on Saturday, January 27th, from 3-5pm in the Studio Building.

Meet the new leadership team at Clayworks: the Board of Trustees, Staff and Key Volunteers. We welcome your participation.

After a brief introduction to the new Board, Staff and Volunteers, the Board will update all regarding the re-opening of Baltimore Clayworks, work accomplished to date, and  future plans and programs. We welcome your questions and will respond with the best available information. We will listen to your constructive ideas and suggestions for the Board and Staff’s future consideration. It will be a positive, collaborative meeting — a good way to start the year.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th.

Sue Patz
on behalf of the Board and Staff of Baltimore Clayworks

Tax Credits For You Mean Win-Win-Win

Make a contribution before the end of the year to magnify your benefits for all! Your end-of-year contribution adds to our matching appeal goal.  And you, the donor, benefit twice!

How? Each contribution to our Fund for the Future is matched by the generous challenge grant, giving Baltimore Clayworks important resources to launch our rebuilding and growth. PLUS … donors of $500 or more may receive tax credits (in addition to charitable deductions) to lower your tax payments.

How it Works: 

Step #1 —  Write a check or make a credit card donation to Baltimore Clayworks. (See links below to make it easy for you.)

Step #2 — Fill out a CITC Waiver Form (see the links below) and return it to Baltimore Clayworks immediately. We will sign the form and return a copy to you in January for your tax return preparation.

Step #3 — When you pay your taxes, claim a charitable deduction, as you always have done, and Claim a Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) on your Maryland Tax Form.

The amount of the tax credit you can claim is equal to 50% of your contribution to Clayworks!

Reminder — You must complete and return the CITC waiver form (see link below) to Baltimore Clayworks immediately, Mail it with your check, or send it after making your contribution via credit card.  THANK YOU

Instructions here: CITC Waiver Instructions

Tax credit Waiver Form here:  Baltimore Clayworks CITC Waiver Form

Note: Contributions of $1,000 may be made online here: Online Contributions to Baltimore Clayworks. For larger contributions, please pay by check or provide your credit card information to Baltimore Clayworks.

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