Our SHOP and GALLERIES are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm. SIGN UP for Classes. See our COVID POLICIES.

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COVID Policies and Procedures

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Masked, Stay Distanced, Stay Clean, Stay Well

Baltimore Clayworks takes extra precautions to ensure our visitors, students, and staff, especially those who are immune compromised or at risk for severe illness from COVID-19, arrive in a safe environment.  Clayworks reserves the right to ask anyone to leave if the Executive Director feels they are posing a health risk.

Personal health guidelines for all staff, board, artists, volunteers, visitors and students

Do Not Come to Baltimore Clayworks if:

  • You are not feeling well for any reason
  • You have had a positive COVID test in the last 10 days.
  • You have been exposed via close contact* to a COVID positive person in the last 10 days.
  • *Close Contact includes:
    • You were within 6 feet of someone with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more
    • You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19
    • You had direct physical contact (hugged or kissed) someone with COVID-19
    • You shared eating or drinking utensils with someone with COVID-19
    • Someone with COVID-19 sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you.
  • You have symptoms including fever of 100.4, oxygen saturation of 93% or lower, have shortness of breath, cough, or a combination of the following: change in taste or smell, chills, nausea, headache, aches or pains You have traveled or been with people other than in your own home, stay home for 10 days, get tested in an approved test site, wait for negative results before returning.
  • You participate in risky* behavior, take extra precaution, stay at home for 10 days, get tested in an approved test site, and wait for negative results before returning.
  • *Risky Behavior includes:
    • Travelled to a place with test positivity rate of 10% or higher or case rate over 20 per 100,000 in past 7 days
    • Traveled on a cruise ship or river boat
    • Gathered with 25 or more people at a wedding, funeral, or party indoor
    • Attended a mass gathering e.g. Sporting event, concert, protest, parade
    • Attend restaurants, bars, airports, bus and train stations, or movie theaters

Do Stay Healthy:

  • Monitor yourself closely for symptoms of COVID-19 if you have been around someone who was identified as close to a person with COVID-19. You do not need to self-quarantine unless you develop symptoms or if the person identified as a close contact develops COVID-19.
  • We follow Maryland and Baltimore City mandates as well as CDC recommendations.

The CDC reports:

You may have been exposed to COVID-19 on your travels. You may feel well and not have any symptoms, but you can be contagious without symptoms and spread the virus to others. You and your travel companions (including children) pose a risk to your family, friends, and community for 10 days after you were exposed to the virus. Regardless of where you traveled or what you did during your trip, take these actions to protect others from getting sick after you return:

1. Distance yourself 6ft from other people both indoor and outdoor
2. Wear a mask to keep your mouth covered when not in your own home
3. Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol
4. Watch your health and look for COVID symptoms. Take your temperature and oxygen saturation.

Maryland’s Governor has mandated the following for Maryland as of Dec. 17, 2020:

GATHERING LIMITS: The Maryland Department of Health issued a public health advisory that lowers the gathering limit from 25 to 10, and advises Marylanders against all non-essential activities and holiday gatherings with people outside of your immediate household.
EXPANDED TRAVEL AND TESTING REQUIREMENTS: The governor issued an emergency order that requires limiting travel to essential purposes only. Marylanders who travel out of state or those who travel to Maryland must obtain a negative COVID-19 test or self-quarantine for 10 days. (See where to get tested here)

November 2020
1. Limit large indoor gatherings of more than 10 individuals indoors.
2. Limit travel to essential gatherings.
3. If returning to MD from out of state, get tested promptly upon arrival, or 72 hours before arrival.
4. If traveling to a place with higher than 10% positivity rate or >20 per 100,000 case rate in the last 7 days, self- quarantine at home for 10 days, get tested. Check the CDC website for current infection rates.

Baltimore City Executive Orders as of December 2020

Guidelines for entering Baltimore Claywork’s buildings and participating in services

Everyone will sign in upon entering and sign a WAIVER FORM, which will indicate agreement with the guidelines,

You must have a face covering in place before entering any space at Baltimore Clayworks and it must be kept on at all times while in and Baltimore Clayworks buildings or areas. Your face covering should cover your nose and mouth. Try not to touch your mask or face, and wash your hands afterwards if you do. Cloth masks are fine and should be laundered daily to be effective.

Upon entering you must immediately wash your hands for twenty seconds, warm water with soap.  Bring your own freshly laundered apron and towel for drying hands and take them with you when you leave, wash them daily. There are also paper towels in the bathrooms.

Once your hands are clean please complete the questionnaire by the front entrance of each building. Staff will have their own form. This is necessary for contact tracing in case someone falls ill with Covid-19.

Keep your personal belongings in a bag and minimize surfaces you touch. Use only your own equipment, tools, s, etc. to minimize exposure.

Stations with spray bottles of disinfectant are located throughout the buildings so you can clean anything you have touched and your personal area of work once done. The spray must stay wet for the time listed on the bottle as dwell time.

Practice recommended social distancing (6ft-10ft) to the greatest extent possible.

What Clayworks is doing to ensure your safety and the safety of others

All staff, board members, volunteers, and staff will take their temperature before coming to BCW. They will all comply with guidelines recommended above.

All frequently touched surfaces, e.g. bathrooms, door handles, railings, etc., will be sanitized with a disinfectant solution before the building is open, and again before evening classes.

Added soap dispensers will be set up at all sinks.  Sanitizer located at main entrance.

Spray bottles of disinfectant and paper towels will be available throughout the building for cleaning after touching surfaces and your work space.

Class sizes will be limited to allow for social distancing. Clayworks will follow Baltimore City’s guidelines on room capacity. Glazing areas will be limited to one person at a time.  Sink areas will be limited to one person at a time. Elevator will be limited to one person at a time.

No guests permitted in the studio.

Front desk will be protected with a splash guard.

Only credit cards will be used for payments.  NO CASH OR CHECKS will be accepted at this time.