About Us


Baltimore Clayworks was founded by nine artists in 1980 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is known for its attentiveness to its neighborhood, and possesses a national and international reputation for artistic excellence, artists’ support, and community involvement. Clayworks provides affordable studio space, equipment, and professional opportunities; offers hands-on studio classes for children and adults; and presents exhibitions curated or juried by professional artists in the field. It has also developed programs with artists and community organizations that bring art experiences into the lives of at-risk children and marginalized adults; and is the only arts organization in Baltimore that operates stand-alone community based satellite studios to reach children and adults in inner city communities.


Baltimore Clayworks develops, sustains, and promotes an artist-centered community that provides outstanding artistic, educational and collaborative programs in the ceramic arts.


  • Baltimore Clayworks is Artist Centered, committed to the principle that making and appreciating art are essential to the nourishment of the human spirit.
  • Baltimore Clayworks is Inclusive, serving both new learners and professional artists; nurturing students, artists and collectors from diverse economic, cultural, ethnic and geographic backgrounds.
  • We strive for increasing levels of Excellence in our art and in our management. It supports growth and gives us credibility among experts and peers.
  • Baltimore Clayworks programs and management decisions are planned and executed with Integrity.
  • Joy is pervasive in the Clayworks workplace – classrooms, studios, community facilities, offices and even the Boardroom. This is expressed through the joy of accomplishment, of working in environments of trust and excellence, and of being inclusive and transparent.
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