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Studio Artists

Mezzanine Artists

The Mezzanine Artist program provides dedicated studio spaces to artists who have the necessary skills to work independently. Mezzanine artists are provided with a semi private 6’ x 8’ studio space, one shelving unit, a potter’s wheel (if desired), and 24/7 key access. They pay a monthly fee and have access to all studio equipment and are expected to load and fire their own work per our Current Student fee schedule.

  • Ronni Aronin, Legacy Artist
  • Randy Brown
  • Cindy Cheng
  • Eric Collum
  • Mia Halton
  • Eileen O’Donnell
  • Kevin Rohde
  • Peter Satten
  • Jeremy Wallace
  • Sam Wallace
  • Yoshi Fujii, Visiting Artist

Springboard Artists

Springboard is an open studio rental program that provides a communal space for ceramic artists at any skill level to work side by side. The program provides dedicated studio work space with access to our classroom equipment and facilities. A monthly fee includes 24 hour access to the Springboard studio, 2.5 shelves, and bisque firings. Entry into Springboard is on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Andrea Allen
  • Anitha Rathinam
  • Ann Carneal
  • Antoinette Nero
  • Autumn Gahm
  • Brion Lipschutz
  • Caitlin Kambic
  • Caroline Battle
  • Cas Webber
  • Caylynn Fahey
  • David Marion
  • Dwight Morgan Johnson
  • Gayle Emmer
  • Jack Lewin
  • Jason Pyeron
  • Jessica Wasilewsky
  • Joseph Mikkelsen
  • Judy Oakley
  • Julia Pearson
  • Katie Chang
  • Lauren Hyde
  • Leticia Lyford-Pike
  • Mary Speers
  • Michele Allen
  • Michelle Spiziri
  • Nicholas Roberts
  • Norifumi Taniguchi
  • Pamela Zhang
  • Rebekah Rivero
  • Renee Zuckerman
  • Timothy Mowry