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Former Resident Artist Hae Won Sohn, 2021 Sondheim Finalist Reviewed in ‘BmoreArt’ and on View at Walters Art Museum

Read the article by Bret McCabe in BmoreArt, June 14, 2021.

“There’s something thrillingly lost-in-time-and-space about Sohn’s work right now. Time itself is notoriously difficult to evoke in artworks that aren’t, well, time-based in some way: performance and theater, music, film/video, etc. The relentless indifference of time—the simple fact of its passing, the incomprehensibility of its cosmic scale—can intellectually feel impossible to pull off without having two distinct points to compare or contrast. Sohn’s artworks cagily evoke time’s unknowability through intimacy, and this discombobulating combination forces the brain to think about them in wonderfully irrational ways. She’s creepily forcing us to ask not only “What is this?” but the much more unnervingly delicious, “When is this?””

Hae Won Sohn, former long-term Baltimore Clayworks Resident Artist, is a finalist for the Sondheim Prize! The prestigious $25,000 Sondheim Prize is awarded to assist in furthering the career of a visual artist or visual artist collaborators living and working in the Greater Baltimore region. The Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize exhibition is on view at the Walters Art Museum through Sunday, July 18, 2021.

Hae Won Sohn delivers a free artist talk at the Walters Art Museum on July 1.