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Long-term Residencies (1-3 years)

Our long-term residencies offer early to mid-career artists the opportunity to develop their work in a dynamic community environment for one to three years. The selection of residents is highly competitive and based on artistic excellence, potential for growth, strength of proposal, and a commitment to building a clay-oriented community. Residents are early to mid-career artists who have completed either undergraduate and/or graduate degrees, or have equivalent years of experience. Residencies start in September, and benefits include:

  • Funded, semi-private, 10’ x 12’ studio space
  • Firing and materials fees at cost
  • Paid opportunities to teach classes on and off site
  • Invitation to sell work in The Shop, Baltimore Clayworks’ retail space
  • Promotion through social media/mailing lists/onsite events
  • $250 firing stipend


  • 7 hours a week working as a Program Assistant

Lormina Salter Fellowship (1 year)

Awarded to one emerging artist producing work of the highest quality. Includes the same benefits and responsibilities as long-term Resident Artists plus:

  • $1,200 annual materials stipend
  • Solo exhibition in our Main Gallery

To apply for a long-term residency, please email the following materials to submissions@baltimoreclayworks.org with the subject line "Long-term Application."

If you have questions regarding your application, please contact kevin.rohde@baltimoreclayworks.org

  • Baltimore-Clayworks-Long-Term-Residency-Application. Label file with last name, first initial, and APPLICATION (example: doejAPPLICATION.pdf)
  • Label file with last name, first initial, and RESUME (example: doejRESUME.pdf)
  • Letter of Intent. Please submit a letter of intent detailing the work you plan to make during your residency and how it will impact your development as an artist. Describe in detail how you will benefit from your time at Baltimore Clayworks and how you envision your role in the greater community. Please limit your letter to an approximate 750 word count. Include information regarding materials, firing methods, and processes. Label file with last name, first initial, LETTER (example: doejLETTER.pdf)
  • Artist Statement. Label file with last name, first initial, and STATEMENT (example: doejSTATEMENT.pdf)
  • Please provide 10 jpeg images (5x7 300dpi) of current work created in the past 3 years. Image files should be labeled with last name, first initial, and numbers indicating your preferred viewing order (example: doej1.jpg) *please contact us directly to upload video files.
  • Image list. Please provide an image list that includes image name, artist name, title, date of work, dimensions of work, and medium.

Lormina Salter Fellowship: Please indicate on your application form your interest in consideration for the Lormina Salter Fellowship.

Applications are due April 1, 2021.

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