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June Letter from our Executive Director

Hello Friends,

When I was interviewing for this job I was asked “How do you feel about asking for help?” While I’m not a huge fan of “free advice”, I actually love asking for help. And people often approach me and ask “How can I help?” Here’s an answer:

Financial stability depends on diversified revenue streams. Clayworks’ biggest area in need of growth is currently corporate giving and sponsorships. We don’t have a lot of established connections with businesses and corporations. I moved to Baltimore in October and while I have been meeting people so quickly I could probably win a medal in some introvert Olympic challenge, I don’t have the history it takes to build the relationships which lead to sponsorship agreements.

So here’s how you can help: If you are connected in the regional business community, and know someone who would be a good contact for the philanthropic or marketing initiatives of a local company, please introduce me to them. There are so many ways that businesses can partner with Clayworks. We have an amazing line up of exhibitions planned for 2020; if I were a business owner I’d be honored to be affiliated with something as fabulous as a show here. Also, our community arts programs working in partnership with addiction recovery, domestic violence survivor support, and other social services agencies are another great way that a corporation can show support for the arts and public health in Baltimore.

We can work to individualize and get creative with sponsorship packages to ensure that we provide sponsors with an exciting, equitable, and fun agreement. Any introductions you can make will help Clayworks achieve further economic stability. And we are fun to work with.

This is me, asking for some help.

Thank you,