Good News! Agreement Reached!

Agreement for ReOpening of Baltimore Clayworks Announced Today For the first time in many months, the news about Baltimore Clayworks is good.  The Clayworks Community LLC has reached an agreement with the Board of Trustees for the continuation of Baltimore Clayworks, Inc. Details will be announced upon the effective date, expected to be early next […]

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How soon could Clayworks reopen?

How soon?  If the bankruptcy papers are filed, it is possible that the Clayworks buildings will be sold for other purposes, and that the hope of continuing in our Studio/Classroom Building will be gone forever. It is also possible that working with the community and our many supporters, we can assemble a new organization to […]

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Working to Save Baltimore Clayworks

​A lot has happened since it became clear that the Board of Public Works  would not approve the Baltimore Clayworks sale contract on July 5, including the withdrawl of that contract, the closing of doors and canceling of camps and classes and programs, and communications from the Board of Trustees that it intends to file for […]

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Proposal To Save and Unify Baltimore Clayworks

Community Proposes Compromise Plan To Save Baltimore Clayworks The Community of Baltimore Clayworks supporters who have opposed the announced sale of two buildings in Mount Washington have proposed a compromise agreement to end the stalemate and return the organization to financial stability. The proposal calls for the nonprofit to retain ownership and continue operations in […]

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Clayworks Community’s Good Friends

We are indebted to many individuals and civic leaders who have heard the voices of the Clayworks Community in this campaign to retain our home and restore the organization to stability and success. We are united in our goal: to see a healthy Baltimore Clayworks, with financial stability restored and assured, reviving its pursuit of […]

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From Fred Lazarus

Fred Lazarus, President Emeritus of M.I.C.A., has written the following, to be published as an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun: Baltimore Needs a Strong Clayworks Several weeks ago, as a long term supporter of the Baltimore Clayworks, I received an email from the Chair of the Board stating that the Board had decided to sell the […]

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