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Baltimore Clayworks in Artsy

Baltimore Clayworks has been featured in Artsy’s “The Best Places to Take Ceramics Classes Across the US” editorial!

About clay, the editorial says: “Over the past decade, more and more professional artists and amateurs alike have taken up ceramics. Many find that it’s an absorbing outlet for creative expression, as well as a gratifying or therapeutic experience. Ceramics have come to be seen as a wellness activity, compared by some to doing yoga or meditation; researchers have found that working with ceramics has health benefits, like alleviating symptoms of depression. In our digital, screen-obsessed world, the act of producing unique handmade objects—and the tactile experience of throwing pots on the wheel or creating sculptures from slabs of clay—is extremely satisfying.

As a result, communal clay studios across the country are booming with interest. Here, we share a list of some of the most beloved ceramic studios across the United States, where both aspiring and established practitioners can take classes. Some are hosted at revered art schools with idyllic campuses, while others are local clay establishments that serve their distinct neighborhoods. Price points run the gamut, from $225 for a series of eight classes to over $1,000 for an intensive, 12-day workshop. Whatever their size or ambition, these clay hubs offer a wide range of courses for ceramics aficionados of all skill levels.”

About Baltimore Clayworks, the editorial says: “For those that are hesitant about jumping into ceramics, Baltimore Clayworks offers one-day “Try-It” courses for wheel throwing and handbuilding. These allow students to feel out the materials and processes before enrolling in introductory courses, which can run from 4 to 12 weeks. “Students not only take classes, but engage in spirited conversations, work collaboratively, participate in community events, show their work in our annual student exhibition, and have fun,” said the studio’s Sara E. Morales-Morgan. Among Baltimore Clayworks’s highlights is its artist residency program, which sees artists make and exhibit their work on site and teach at the studio in satellite locations across the city. It also has a rare Noborigama two-chambered wood kiln, which attracts the region’s local artists and students; the studio offers courses that focus on the unique facets of wood firing, and hosts communal wood firings that are open to the public.”

You can find the full article here.

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