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Artist Spotlight: Ji Sun Yang

Our December Artist Spotlight feature is with Ji Sun Yang. Ji Sun is a long-time member of our Springboard program, a non-juried open studio rental providing a communal space for ceramic artists. Ji Sun currently has work for sale in our Holiday Shop, which will be up through Dec. 23. Stop by and check-out her beautiful pieces!

Question #1: What is your earliest memory of clay?

Using matching ceramic dinnerware to serve food is a big part of the culinary culture in our family. So, I’m always interested in ceramic dinnerware. Fortunately, I had a chance to take a pottery class when I moved to the USA. While working with clay, I felt that I was so peaceful; just like I did during meditation. I also felt so blessed because I could share my pieces with the people I love. This drew me to the fascinating clay world.

Question #2: Who inspires you and who do you hope to inspire?

I am inspired by everyone and everything because they have their own unique energy which I don’t have. I love to see how that energy transforms to the physical figure by using clay. Because of this, I hope I can inspire all people around me by showing my works, which exhibit my personality and character.

Question #3: What is your fondest or funniest memory associated with clay?

To me, making pottery is the most effective meditation. The faster the wheel, the less my stress. A long time ago, I argued with my husband about small things; so I headed to the studio in order to calm myself. As you can imagine, I made the best piece on that day. That’s why I couldn’t make any better pieces for a while.

Question #4: If you could see your work in anyone’s collection, who/where would it be and why?

I usually focus on making dinnerware. Honestly, I’m not good with cooking, but love to share happiness and my warm heart through it. I will be happy if my works show their own voices as themselves, but I will be happier if they are served with warm meals to your beloved people, like hidden supporters of your love. I hope my works make your dining table more appealing, and also, that they become one of the parts of pleasant memories for all to share forever.

Question #5: As a member of our Springboard program, what about working at Clayworks have you enjoyed most?

My curiosity led me to the pottery world as a hobbyist almost 10 years ago. I love learning new skills and meeting new people during classes. However, my world has changed after becoming a Springboard member. I feel like Springboard is my sweet home. Always warm, supporting and encouraging me. With the energy I get, I can push myself to another level without any limitation. That’s why I feel I’m very fortunate to have become a member. I’m very thankful to Baltimore Clayworks for providing a wonderful environment to grow as an artist and a person.