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Artist Spotlight: Hae Won Sohn

We are starting a new monthly Artist Spotlight featuring artists from the Baltimore Clayworks community. First up are our Resident Artists, and are excited to introduce you to Hae Won Sohn!

Hae Won is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, primarily working in ceramics. She came to Baltimore Clayworks as a long-term Resident Artist in September 2018 and teaches in our Mt. Washington studio as well as at Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at the George Washington University.

Question #1: What kind of work do you make and why do you make it?
My work is mostly formed through mold-making and casting. I am attracted to the forms that are left over in my studio after serving its role as a part of a whole. Through casting those disregarded objects I feel like I am giving history that they deserve to have, but never was seen or heard.

Question #2: What drew you to clay?
Romance and familiarity. Being a natural maker since I was a kid, I have always loved playing around with play-dough, paper clay and other easily found materials in the house. It gave me somewhat confidence when it came to the moment I had to make a major-wise decision. Also the stereotypical image of a ceramicist portrayed in media contributed on my decision making.. which turned out not to be quite accurate but I am still enjoying what I became to be.

Question #3: What is your fondest or funniest memory associated with clay?
During the summer of 2016, I went on a trip to Southern Europe with my elder sister. We casually came across a porcelain studio called Porcelain Catbriyur in Ljubljana, Slovenia ran by an art-professor couple. We instantly connected with each other sharing knowledge and stories. This unplanned studio visit became one of my favorite memories during the whole trip.

Question #4: What is something about yourself or your work that other people may not know about?
The final product of my work are not always made of ceramics. Recently I have been presenting body of works that are finely polished cast plaster and gypsum cement that some mistakes as unglazed porcelain. Although clay still remains an essential material in my making process.

Question #5: What is your favorite thing about Baltimore Clayworks?
Baltimore Clayworks is one of the places I earned an opportunity to build up my very first teaching career. I really treasure the the interaction between me and my students, and am inspired by their eagerness to learn as well as the energy full of curiosity and joy they bring in the classroom studios.