Clayworks is committed to providing access for all folks to the best of our ability. We are constantly learning about the needs of our community and hope that you will be part of this process. By employing the basic guidelines and principles of inclusive design in our work, we aim to expand Baltimore Clayworks audiences and offerings to provide more relevant and engaging programming for all participants.

Contact Us
Our entire team is engaged in shifting the culture, practices and institution of Baltimore Clayworks to better meet our communities’ needs. If you have an accessibility need or concern, please email our Accessibility Coordinator Robin Marquis at Robin will respond within 48 hours. If you need more immediate help, please call our front desk at 410.589.1919, or Voice/TTY 800.552.7724

Physical Access
Gallery, Shop and Admin Building/ To access the front desk, shop, lower gallery or bathroom, enter through the main door. There is a wheelchair accessible single stall bathroom. To access the upper gallery, there are three steps with a hand railing or there is a ramped entrance outside to the left of the main entrance. The admin offices are all on the second floor up 21 stairs with no elevator.

Studio Building / The studio building is accessible through it’s ramped entrance. All floors are accessible by elevator. There is an adaptive wheelchair accessible throwing wheel available for anyone to use. See the website here for more details about the wheel. There are wheelchair accessible gender segregated bathrooms. Clayworks supports people using the bathroom that they choose.

All doors at Clayworks are operated manually.

Parking The parking lot behind the studio building off of Greely Rd. has one free accessible parking space. There is paid street parking on both sides of Smith St. with one accessible space on the left at the end of Smith St. There is also a large parking lot on the NE side of the gallery building which has one accessible parking spot. Both zones are ¢50 an hour with a four hour maximum.

Service Animals Service animals are welcome at Clayworks.

Sign Language Interpretation is available free of charge for events and lectures. Please provide at least 10 days notice so that we can hire an interpreter.

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