Tax Credits For You Mean Win-Win-Win

Make a contribution before the end of the year to magnify your benefits for all! Your end-of-year contribution adds to our matching appeal goal.  And you, the donor, benefit twice!

How? Each contribution to our Fund for the Future is matched by the generous challenge grant, giving Baltimore Clayworks important resources to launch our rebuilding and growth. PLUS … donors of $500 or more may receive tax credits (in addition to charitable deductions) to lower your tax payments.

How it Works: 

Step #1 —  Write a check or make a credit card donation to Baltimore Clayworks. (See links below to make it easy for you.)

Step #2 — Fill out a CITC Waiver Form (see the links below) and return it to Baltimore Clayworks immediately. We will sign the form and return a copy to you in January for your tax return preparation.

Step #3 — When you pay your taxes, claim a charitable deduction, as you always have done, and Claim a Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) on your Maryland Tax Form.

The amount of the tax credit you can claim is equal to 50% of your contribution to Clayworks!

Reminder — You must complete and return the CITC waiver form (see link below) to Baltimore Clayworks immediately, Mail it with your check, or send it after making your contribution via credit card.  THANK YOU

Instructions here: CITC Waiver Instructions

Tax credit Waiver Form here:  Baltimore Clayworks CITC Waiver Form

Note: Contributions of $1,000 may be made online here: Online Contributions to Baltimore Clayworks. For larger contributions, please pay by check or provide your credit card information to Baltimore Clayworks.

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