Stand[ing} Together ReOpens at Clayworks

Stand[ing} Together: Artists of Baltimore Clayworks

February 17 – March 31, 2018 at Baltimore Clayworks

Reception: Saturday February 24, 2018, 6-8pm

A newly restored and energized Baltimore Clayworks presents an exhibition of works in clay from the spectrum of its membership. As the community faced and grew stronger through a recent season of challenge, it has emerged with new vitality and a deeper commitment to its mission — to connect ceramic artists and communities.

Essential to this renewal were the core values of  unity in common purpose, mutual respect and sacrifice for the common good. An Irish proverb declares that “In the shelter of one another the people live.” It may be testified as well that in the shelter of one another Baltimore Clayworks’ community stood and stands together anew.

In celebration of its rededication to its mission, and in the spirit of its core value of joy, Baltimore Clayworks presented the exhibition “Standing Together” at the Baltimore School for the Arts Gallery, throughout January, 2018. The exhibition reopens February 17 – March 31 at Baltimore Clayworks Gallery, 5707 Smith Ave., in Mt. Washington.

Please join the artists and community of Baltimore Clayworks for Stand[ing} Together. Participating artists include:

  • Patrick Timothy Caughy
  • Trisha Kyner
  • Matthew Hyleck
  • Ryan Wilson
  • Brad Blair
  • Sonya Meeker
  • Aisha Harrison
  • Pam Worthington
  • Volker Schoenfliess
  • Nicole Fall
  • Sara Morales-Morgan
  • Ronni Aronin
  • Deborah Bedwell
  • Jessica Broad
  • Pat Halle
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Jeremy Wallace
  • Marlene Sokoloski-Sandler
  • Jo Schneider
  • Mary Cloonan
  • Maman Rikin
  • Shauna Pincus
  • Kyle Bauer
  • Jean Cohen
  • Jim Dugan
  • Yoshi Fujii
  • Sallah Jenkins
  • Shannon McArdle-Dugan
  • Alison Hatfield Young
  • Lynne Molner
  • Theresa Reuter
Exhibition Gallery photo January 2018
Stand[ing} Together was presented by Baltimore Clayworks at the Baltimore School for the Arts Gallery in January, 2018.
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