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New Teacher Program

Baltimore Clayworks is partnering with Roots and Raices to develop a new ceramic teacher program that provides basic clay hand building knowledge to people would like to begin teaching in their community.
Clayworks is looking for adults interested in ceramics who would like to bring classes into your neighborhood that provides a multilingual environment. No experience with clay is required.
For more information please call at 410.578.1919 or email ariel.foster@baltimoreclayworks.org.


Baltimore Clayworks provides scholarships for adult classes and summer camp

Roots & Raíces is a collective that provides platforms for artists, musicians, and activists to highlight, support, and celebrate immigrants through the arts and civic engagement.

Programa de Nuevos Maestros

Baltimore Clayworks se une con Roots and Raíces para desarrollar un programa dirigido a capacitar a nuevos maestros, proveyendo conocimiento y técnicas básicas en cerámica a individuos interesados en aprender y luego enseñar en sus comunidades y vecindarios.
Clayworks busca adultos bilingües motivados a llevar clases a su comunidad. No se requiere experiencia previa en cerámica.
Para más información, por favor comunicarse llamando al 410.578.1919, o utilizando el correo electrónico (email) ariel.foster@baltimoreclayworks.org.


Baltimore Clayworks provee becas para sus clases de adulto y campamento de Verano.

Roots & Raíces es una colectiva que provee una plataforma para artistas, músicos y activistas para destacar, apoyar y celebrar inmigrantes a través de las artes y el civismo.


Diversity and Inclusion Shift-Maker

Ariel Cavalcante Foster started at Baltimore Clayworks as an Urban Arts Leadership Fellow and has now continued as a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist and Facilitator. As a member of Roots and Racies, Ariel is joining both organizations to expand these differing community’s networks and resources. In an effort to create an intergenerational and multilingual space, Ariel is looking to collaborate with passionate individuals to lead a neighborhood class for the New Teacher Program.

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