October Letter from our Executive Director

A while ago I took a writing class with one of my favorite authors. She advised that when you don’t know what to write about, or can’t get started, look at moments of your life and find what “glimmers”. (I’m paraphrasing here.) If you think of the entirety of your memory as a murky pool of water, and if you look into it long enough, you will see shiny rocks and minerals that glimmer. These are your most vivid memories.

Saturday’s Fire Fest is and will remain one of my most vivid memories here at Clayworks. (And there are a lot of them!) Saturday evening was one of those events that overflowed with creativity, community, laughter, and learning. Okay we did run out of food early…. Now we know for next year. More food.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who attended, organized, volunteered, sponsored, donated, or cheered the event on from the sidelines! Fire Fest was a great event for Clayworks, and I hope those who attended had as quirky, transcendental, and memorable an evening as I did.

See you soon!

-Cyndi Wish
Baltimore Clayworks’ Executive Director

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