The Wind of Change: Contemporary Ceramics of Taiwan Maintained Comfort by Samantha Briegel The Potter’s Guild of Baltimore: 65 Years of Clay Nurture by Laura Amussen

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to host an exhibition The Wind of ChangeContemporary Ceramics of Taiwan. Curated by Professor Ching Yuan Chang of Tainan National University of the Arts and made possible by generous support of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture this show will be a phenomenal display of the craftsmanship, creativity and resilience of clay in Taiwan. This show will run from July 18- August 29 and is free and open to the public. We will host a reception from 2:00pm-8:00pm on July 18th with staggered entry and mask requirements to accommodate social distancing protocol. Refreshments will be served on the front lawn, weather permitting.


Baltimore Clayworks has an artist exchange program with Tainan National University of the Arts, we are thrilled to have the work of several of those artists and new ones in our gallery. This exhibition will showcase the variety and innovation of Taiwan ceramics, with functional and figurative works, abstract sculptures and wall installations. The artwork will inspire and astound visitors and artists alike as they view the ceramic creations from this potent island nation that take traditional methods into modern era.

Curator’s statement:

“Taiwan has been using clay as a sculptural material for over forty years; therefore to pursue

technical breakthroughs in ceramic practice is not an issue anymore. The difficulty that all practitioners need to confront today is how to create a new perspective with clay, especially when clay requires a vast cultivation of knowledge and techniques. Moreover, under the globalization trend, young artists and almost all non-Western countries will need to face the changes of their own culture and search for the balance between innovation and tradition. It is significant that one can stand firm on his or her cultural foundation and evolve globally. These artists’ persistence along with their freedom of expression, pushes the boundaries of art to the maximum.”

The Taiwan Ministry of Culture has provided tremendous assistance for this exhibition that will then travel onto West Chester University and Harford Community College.


The Solo Gallery will host our Lormina Salter’s Fellowship exhibition by Samantha Briegel’s “Maintained Comfort” with functional vessels featuring intricate patterns inspired by fabric and fashion.

The Potter’s Guild of Baltimore: 65 Years of Clay showcases a subset of 10 members of the Potter’s Guild of Baltimore, which comprises of over 50. The Potter’s Guild was founded in 1955 and has been a haven for potters and appreciators of clay ever since. Participants include: Anna Crooks, Gillian Foo, Wei Hann, Ann Hobart, Vicki McComas, Nicole Miles, Krystal Osman, Vianney Paul, Toby Rivkin, and Whitney Simpkins.


The works featured in “Nurture” by Laura Amussen address issues relating to personal wellness and selfcare. Our cultural and political climate is fraught with tension and our lives increasingly more stressful. Thus, it’s important – and difficult – to take time to replenish our mental, physical, and emotional reservoirs. Nature offers humanity reprieve and provides pictorial and poetic narratives. “Nurture” features multiple works that reflect this statement that communicate organic matter as symbols of collective human fragility; our need to be cared for and healed.


For more information, please visit Baltimore Clayworks Gallery & Shop building to visit this wonderful array of exhibitions.



ABOUT BALTIMORE CLAYWORKS: Baltimore Clayworks was founded by nine artists in 1980 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is known for its attentiveness to its neighborhood and possesses a national and international reputation for artistic excellence, artists’ support, and community involvement. Clayworks provides affordable studio space, equipment, and professional opportunities; offers hands-on studio classes for children and adults; and presents exhibitions curated or juried by professional artists in the field. It has also developed programs with artists and community organizations that bring art experiences into the lives of at-risk children and marginalized adults; and is the only arts organization in Baltimore that operates stand-alone community-based satellite studios to reach children and adults in inner city communities.


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