December Letter from our Executive Director

Photo by Morgan Morreale via Instagram

Let’s see… 2019. I think it’s been quite a year. Memories tend to define their own hierarchy, right? My favorite memory of the year, hands down, is the opening of the exhibition of art made by the Workforce Development Students. A close second is Fire Fest. Third would have to be the staff meeting that we held while planting our veggie garden.

No year is without challenges, of course. But even better than specific memories is this sort of duende (I’m still not sure there is a direct English translation for that word) happening at Clayworks. I hear students, artists, and teachers complain that there isn’t enough shelf space, that there aren’t enough carts, that the kiln room is too hot, that we accidentally oversold a class, that there aren’t enough wheels, that the downstairs glaze room needs to be kept in order, that we are out of porcelain, etc. We try to address these issues as soon and as well as possible, but secretly, I love these complaints. It means things are happening! It means, as Sam Wallace would say, “Pots are on the MOVE.”


Cyndi Wish
Baltimore Clayworks Executive Director

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