Winter 2018 Adult Classes at Clayworks

Full calendar of Adult classes at Baltimore Clayworks for the Winter session (January-February 2018). Beginners, intermediate, experienced potters, makers and builders — learn more about the joy and magic of clay in these 6-week sessions. Click + for descriptions and dates. Also available: Try It Workshops and Date Nights. Space is limited. Please register early. Questions? Email or phone 410.578.1919. How to register:

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Short Focus: Surface & Decoration

Majolica Sampler

Majolica Sampler

In this 6-week intensive surface course participants will enjoy learning about the wide variety of decorating techniques available with majolica glazes.  Participants will explore traditional, domestic pottery and tile through a series of demonstrations designed to provide an overview of both contemporary and historical majolica work.  Basic color theory and a range of brush work will be demonstrated.  This course is intended for students with no prior experience with the technique – hand-builders and potters welcome.  Course fee includes 25# clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional.

(Volker Schoenfliess) 18W_ST01 – Sunday, 11:00am-2:00pm, January 7 – February 11

Fee: $185

Surface Sampler

Surface Sampler

This 6-week course will explore a plethora of surface techniques that can be used to illustrate both sculptural and functional ceramic work. Techniques for the many stages of clay will be covered, including wet, dry, bisque and glazed surfaces. Sgraffito, mishima, mono-printing, stencils, water-etching, slip trailing, painting on bisque, glaze resist, china paint, luster and commercial decals will be demonstrated. Weekly demonstrations will be coupled with student experimentation on 4” tile or finished test pieces. Firing will be ^6 oxidation but this arsenal of ideas and techniques may be useful on all clay at any temperature. This course is for students who have a basic foundation in ceramics – applicable for both hand-builders or wheel students.  Course fee includes clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional.  

(Sara Morales-Morgan) 18W_ST05 – Wednesday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 10 – February 14

Fee: $185

Wood Fire at Clayworks

Noborigama: Community Woodfire

Noborigama: Community Woodfire

Sign up now to experience the flash of the Baltimore Clayworks Noborigama!  Your pots may take on a rich variety of colorful flashing and deposits from wood ash or salt depending on which chamber you choose.   We fire into the evening on Saturday into Sunday morning which allows plenty of time for shared conversation and food.  Everyone will have an opportunity to choose shifts in preparation and during the firing process that are appropriate.  One share constitutes kiln space equal to 12” x 12” x 60”.  Participants are encouraged to contact Baltimore Clayworks with questions regarding appropriate clay bodies, slips or glazes for use in the Noborigama.

Jeremy Wallace

18W_CW01 Thursday, February 22 – load,

Saturday, February 24 & Sunday, February 25– fire

Fee: $175

Introduction to Woodfire

Introduction to Woodfire

This class is intended for those who have a foundation in clay seeking to explore the potential of wood firing & salt firing in the 2-chamber noborigama kiln. This class will be open to independence and experimentation of style, technique and surface possibilities.  Students will be encouraged to take chances and try their hands at exploring the subtle raw clay surface, flashing slips and glaze surface. Participants may play with tumble stacking, applied ash, glass or other inclusions, and saggar firing.  Jeremy will act as a facilitator and guide to help you find solutions on your way to creating the work that excites you. This course is for students comfortable at an Intermediate level. Course fee includes 25# clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional. Participants may join a community woodfire facilitated by the instructor.

(Jeremy Wallace) 18W_ST02 – Sunday, 6:00-9:00pm, January 7 – February 11

Fee: $185

Potter's Wheel

Basic Wheel Sampler: A Wheel Tease

Basic Wheel Sampler: a wheel tease

This course offers new students a 6-week introduction to the potter’s wheel.  This class is designed for those students who are unable to commit to a full length class but still wish to have an extended studio clay experience.  Participants will experience basic methods of centering clay, forming cylinder and bowl forms, trimming and adding handles. Students will also learn how to finish their pots using standard decorating and glazing techniques.  This class is for students with no prior wheel experience, all are welcome.  Course fee includes 25# clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional. Fee: $185

(Sam Wallace) 18W_BWS2 – Wednesday, 10:00am-1:00pm, January 10 – February 14

FULL - (Joanna Merry) 18W_BWS1 – Sunday, 6-9pm, January 7 – February 11

FULL -(Melissa Davis) 18W_BWS3 – Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 9 – February 13

FULL - (Brad Blair) 18W_BWS4 – Wednesday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 10 – February 14



This 6-week session offers you the refinement of your technical skills through repetition and production.  Each week students will be encouraged to explore two functional forms of their choosing and will be encouraged to define design goals.  Tangible technique throughout the course will emphasized including methods for making more confident forms, throwing a thinner walls and crafting pottery with specific purpose with a goal of identifying individual “voice” in clay.  Students will be challenged to be more critical with the process as well as the finished pieces.  Previous throwing experience is required. Course fee includes 25# clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional. Fee: $185

(Antoinette Nero) 18W_IW2 – Monday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 8 – February 12

FULL -- (Shawna Pincus) 18W_IW1 – Sunday, 11 - 2pm, January 7 – February 11


Sculpture & Hand-building

Jamaican Coil Building & Soft Slab

Jamaican Coil Building: Extended Soft Slab and Coil

Come dance around your pot with Sam Wallace in this 6-week exploration of commercial clays.  Participants will gain insight into traditional folk art hand-building techniques employed by Sam for building his large-scale vessels. Combining both slab-building plus press molds students will create a wide variety of forms, from vases to the famous “pineapple pot”.  Students will be using a variety of clay in this class including hand-processed natural ^10 clay. This is a wonderful cultural opportunity in which you will learn a different and unique method of working in clay. Course fee includes 25 lbs. of clay and bisque firing, glaze firing fees are additional.

(Sam Wallace) 18W_HB3 – Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 11 – February 15

Fee: $185

Focus on Form

Focus on Form: Breakfast Settings

Focus on Form: Breakfast Settings

This 6-week class will design settings and examine the purpose and intent behind each object unique to the breakfast table. The cup is arguably the most intimate of all functional ceramic forms, the bowl is the most versatile while the plate serves to frame and formalize a meal. These basic forms serve the central role of the everyday dining ritual. These objects set the tone for our meal – formal, casual, intimate or traditional – and designing these vessels demand consideration to the shape, volume, lip, foot, handle, surface.  Through demonstration, conversation and hands-on practice participants will consider these tabletop elements and explore a cast of supporting vessels. Previous wheel experience is required. Course fee includes 25 lbs. of clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional.  

(Matthew Hyleck) 18W_ST04 – Tuesday, 10:00am-1:00pm, January 9 – February 13

Fee: $185

Focus on Form: Teapots & Tea Sets

Focus on Form: Teapots and Tea Sets

Using the teapot form and related pieces, participants will learn throwing/hand-building fundamentals as well as honing their 3-D design sensibilities. Attention to proportion, scale, related shape/size of component parts of teapots will sharpen visual acuity and sensitivity to function and presentation.  Timing, decorating and glaze application are key to pulling together a successful teapot. Complimentary pieces may be incorporated to complete a setting. Basic Wheel or one hand-building class is suggested prerequisite. Course fee includes 25 lbs. of clay and bisque firing - glaze firing fees are additional.

(Deborah Bedwell) 18W_ST06 – Thursday, 10:00am-1:00pm, January 11 – February 15

Fee: $185

Focus on Form: Jars

Focus on Form: Jars

In this 6-week session students will focus on lidded forms and methods for crafting a variety of lids. Students will learn to craft lids that fit well and compliment the form and specific function of the form. Demonstrations that will focus on the use of 3 primary lid styles – recessed inset, flanged and rose covered – to create a range of functional containers including but not limited to; spice jars, canisters and cream & sugar sets! Surface glaze application specific to lidded form will be discussed. Previous wheel experienced is required, recommended for intermediate level and above. Course fee includes 25# clay and bisque, glaze firing fees are additional.

(Matthew Hyleck) 18W_ST07 – Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm, January 9 – February 13

Fee: $185

Try It! Date Night! 3-Hour Workshops!

For information on 6-week Adult Classes in January-February 2018 at Baltimore Clayworks, please visit Winter 2018. For our “Try It” and “Date Night” workshops, read on:

One Day Workshops:

Three hours of clay learning and fun with new friends. Great teachers. All clay and supplies furnished. Glazing included. Descriptions and dates below. Register here, too.

Click + for descriptions and dates

Try It - Handbuilding / Sculpture

Try It - Handbuilding

Try It!: Hand-building / Sculpture

One day. Three hours.  A creative way to spend the afternoon!  Experiment and explore in one of these weekend sessions for adults who are curious about clay.  Participants will learn the basics of hand building while having fun in our relaxed classroom environment.  Students will decorate finished pieces using commercial under-glaze and glaze. Invite your friends to join you – the perfect use of a weekend afternoon. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for drying and firing of finished work. This is a terrific way to discover if clay is something you will enjoy. Fee: $50 

18W_TI01 – Saturday1:00–4:00pmJanuary 13

18W_TI02 – Saturday10:00am–1:00pmFebruary 10

Try It - Potters Wheel

Try It - Potters Wheel   18W_TI04 – Sunday2:00pm – 5:00pmJanuary 21        

Saturday10:00am – 1:00pmJanuary 27 -- FULL ENROLLMENT

Sunday11:00am – 2:00pmFebruary 11   - FULL ENROLLMENT  

18W_TI07 – Saturday1:00pm – 4:00pmFebruary 24

Date Night - $95 per couple

Date Night at Clayworks

One Friday evening. Three hours.  Clay for two is an experience that can bring people closer through shared creative art-making. Couples will experience this class taught by professional and patient teacher. Instructors will guide you through methods of centering and shaping clay forms on the potter’s wheel.  Students may choose to decorate finished pieces using commercial under-glaze or choose from our selection of ^6 glazes. 

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for drying and firing of finished work. This is a terrific way to discover if clay is something you will enjoy.  All work produced in this session will be dishwasher and microwave safe. Participants may bring a bottle of wine or light hors d' oeuvres to complete the experience. Fee: $95 couple

18W_DN02b – Friday7-10pmFebruary 16

Space is limited. Please register early.

To download the Workshops schedule and registration form, use the button below. How to register:

Thank you. See you soon at Baltimore Clayworks.

Also Available: Community Woodfire

For more information, visit Winter 2018 Classes.

Fall Classes Start November 1st

Classes are back in session! Teachers and learners return to Baltimore Clayworks’ classrooms starting Wednesday, November 1. Enroll now, as some classes are filling up quickly. For details, click here.

Learn about the fundamental Foundations in Clay …. begin or improve your wheel skills … try building pots and vases by hand-building with coils, slabs and more … learn the beauty of Majolica and luster glazes. Outstanding teachers, complete facilities, friendly classmates — as Baltimore Clayworks has made possible for decades. These 6-week November-December sessions are offered at $185. Register by phone, in person, or online today!

Call (410) 578-1919 or visit the Gallery/Offices of Baltimore Clayworks (open 10am-4pm weekdays, 11am-2pm Saturdays). Or register online . See you soon on Smith Avenue!

Officially OPEN, Register Now

UPDATE: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THESE FALL 2017 CLASSES. Watch for upcoming announcements of single-day workshops beginning in December, and Winter Class sessions beginning in January, 2018.

That’s right! Just 2 weeks after the keys changed hands, Baltimore Clayworks Studios and Classrooms are ready to welcome artists, learners and teachers back home. With the help of dozens of volunteers, hard-working returning staff, and a dedicated new Board of Trustees … we’re ready to GET FIRED UP! 

You can register now for Fall Classes, Open Studio or Springboard. Click here for class descriptions and online registration.

If you prefer to download a registration form to mail with a check, please click here: Fall 2017 Registration Form.

Or, we welcome you to stop by the Baltimore Clayworks Gallery Building at 5707 Smith Ave. in Mount Washington. We’re open to answer questions and take enrollments Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm, and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm. Or phone (410) 578-1919.

Questions? Email

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