Board Minutes Oct. 18 2017




OCTOBER 18, 2017


Present:  Ronni Aronin, Deb Bedwell, George Ciscle, Alan Cooper (by phone), Marcy Emmer, Pat Halle, Mary Jo Kirschman, Mary Ann Mears, Sue Patz, Larry Sandler, Rima Semaan, Doug Silber, Marsha Smelkinson, Leathia West.

Excused: Del. Bilal Ali, John K. Smith


Sue Patz welcomed the Board.


Minutes of October 4 Meeting were accepted as amended to reflect that Doug Silber withdrew his name as a Board member, but wanted to continue to be of service to the Board and organization.


Meeting Focus:  Development.



Motion, Seconded, Unanimously Approved to add

Mackenzie Buchanan, young ceramic artists, philanthropic, recommended by Trish Kyner at Essex and Deb Bedwell.



Mary Ann recommended

  • Forming an Arts Advisory Group. Key Arts and Civic Arts
  • Organize charette with peer organizations from around the country.

Explore how we are regarded in wider community? By young people?

(Could be project of Social Design between Carey Business School and MICA, or GBCA Fellows Program). Both would put BCW in the public eye.



Cash Flow Issues and Balloon Payments Deadlines

  • One time large debts: Sue with Finance and Executive team will try to restructure
  • On-going operational costs: Board current focus
  • Both are Board responsibility

Sue provided Board with Cash Flow Chart, and reviewed it.



Marcy Emmer with Alan Cooper agreed to Co-Chair the Development Committee.

Questions to address:

  • FUNDRAISING- Find Donor Lists, Grants, Fdns., history
  • Questions re: Gallery Building Use
  • Monthly target for donations $15,000 seemed reasonable
  • Rethink Membership in by-laws and as revenue
  • CITC – Clarify compliance standing. What is current and how to maintain credits
  • Marsha will draft “Talking Points” and FAQ for the public and website- Messaging

As we seek sponsorships, we should break needs into chunks

  • Mary Ann will have BCW added to online City and State portal that identifies school-based arts education programs. (Sponsored by NEA).  There is an NEA working group with which we can participate.  Pat will reach out to them.



  • CA is working to set up new program through Living Classrooms. They want our fiscal sponsorship, CW would take 15% overhead.  Board agreed.
  • Pat is Board liason to Community Arts Programming


INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR/DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SEARCH:  What staff can we afford? What is most strategic?

Goal:  Interview 2 new Interim Executive Director candidates and make recommendation at next Board Mtg. If neither candidate is interested we will move forward with a contract with RAFFA.



  • Sophia Silbergold, from Greater Balto. Comm., is available to help us
  • Blaustein Foundation is awaiting proposal.
  • Friend of Kevin funded BCW residency program. Roni, Kevin and Jim will meet to discuss this



  • 26: 12 artists will meet to envision the future and prepare proposal to Maryland State Arts Council
  • 18: Opening the sales gallery, and keeping it open on Fridays through Sundays during the holiday season.  Mary Cloonan will invite artists
  • 4: Opening collaborative show of Clayworks artists and Balto. School for the Arts, at BSA
  • Springboard is up and running with 9 returning artists. Capacity: 20
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day – suggested
  • Upcoming Classes: 31 students enrolled, as of this meeting.  More needed.
  • : Empty Bowls will run for 2 weekends. Community will come in and make bowls, which will then be used for event.  Anna Maria from

Community Arts is organizing.


NEXT TWO MEETINGS:  Nov. 1 and Nov. 15, 1pm to 3pm


With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting.




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