Board Minutes Nov. 29 2017

Baltimore Clayworks
Board of Trustees Meeting
November 29, 2017

PRESENT: Mary Ann Mears, George Ciscle, Alan Cooper, John K. Smith, Pat Halle, Marcy Emmer, Nicole Fall, Ronni Aronin, Mary Jo Kirschman, Rima Semaan, Sue Patz,

MINUTES: November 15 minutes read and approved. Mary Jo will create a Minute Book. There has been no corporate minute book found at Clayworks.

INTRODUCTION OF NEW INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Sue introduced our new interim ED, Nicole Fall. Nicole, artist/educator, has been affiliated with BC since the 1980’s, and was our Community Arts director from 2000-2003, when we had more than 40 sites. The Board thanked George and his Search Committee for their hard work.

ROLE OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Mary Ann, along with George and Sue, have drafted a “Statement of Purpose” for the committee (see attached). The overall purpose is to help us generate a vision, a sustainable business model, and to build credibility around Baltimore, especially in the arts community, during this time of transition. The committee will continue to take into account the Board’s commitment to diversity. They are looking for 12 members, and reported on the “yeses” they have, so far, and the names of other people they will be approaching.

DECEMBER 10 COMMUNITY “THANK YOU” PARTY: Marcy reported for the Events Committee that money has been donated for the event: All members of the Mt. Washington Merchants Assoc. have agreed to be sponsors. Marcy will check on the need for a one-day liquor license, invitations have been sent to all supporters. Board members were urged to attend and volunteer.

BOARD COUNSEL: Pat moved that Sue be authorized to bring on pro bono counsel, as needed. Motion approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Rima gave the Board a “snapshot” of our financial status. As of Nov. 28, BC had $281,000 in the bank, with continuing debt, some of which is being re-negotiated.

The 2016 audit is almost complete, and then our auditing company will begin the 2017 audit. Ruth cannot stay on as accountant, but will help us find a replacement and train that person.

DEVELOPMENT: Alan presented the committee’s plan. The focus is to help us match an anonymous $150,000 contribution. A meeting between the donor and BC will be held to nail down the agreement.

Outreach: The committee has prepared a fundraising letter to supporters and a list of suggested talking points, which were amended by the Board. (See attached) Board members have selected people to call from lists of previous donors, including those they know, and also cold calls. Alan and Sue will tell us the schedule for emailing, calling and writing people on this list. BC has a vetted supporter list of about 7000 people.


• Next Executive Committee meeting: Wed., Dec. 6, 12:00-1:00
• Next staff meeting: Wed. Dec. 6, 10:00 – 12:00
• Work meeting in lieu of Board meeting: Wed. Dec. 6, 1:00-3:00. (Please bring your cell phones.)
• Next Finance Committee meeting: ??
• Pat will suggest a date for the first quarterly Community meeting

Minutes submitted by Mary Jo Kirschman, Secretary

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting.

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