Board Minutes Nov. 15 2017

Board of Trustees Meeting
Baltimore Clayworks
November 15, 2017

In Attendance: Leathia West, George Ciscle, Ronni Aronin, Deb Bedwell, Alan Cooper, Mary Ann Mears, Marcy Emmer, Rima Semaan, Pat Halle, Larry Sandler, Marsha Smelkinson, John K. Smith, Susan Patz, Bilal Ali (excused), Mary Jo Kirschman

Minutes: November 1st minutes approved as read.

Bylaws: Leathia moved and Board approved re-adopting the 2010 Bylaws. Marsha will link the Bylaws to the webpage.

Interim Executive Director Search: George reported that the Search Committee will conduct 2nd interview with Nicole Fall, who was the director of Community Arts when we had about 35 sites under a $250,000 grant from the Family League of Maryland.

Finances: John moved and the Board approved that “The Board of Trustees acknowledges and appreciates the significant efforts of the Steering Committee/Clayworks Community Campaign in giving Clayworks the opportunity to stay in Mt. Washington and thrive as a non-profit arts center. And further, the Board of Trustees accepts the funds raised by the Steering Committee and assumes all liabilities resulting from this effort. Included in these liabilities are lawyers’ fees incurred during the Community Campaign.

Development: Alan Cooper reported that Pete Kaizer and Jane Reifler have joined the committee. The campaign will look to raise substantial donor funds by December 31. This will be done through meetings with previous donors, emails and other direct mail, stressing our strengths and assets. The first fundraising letter will be sent out the first week in December. There will be a phone-a-thon to reach our wider community, on December 13.

Board Giving: All Board members who have not donated in 2017, either directly or through the Community Campaign, are asked to do so immediately.

Communications: Marsha reported that the website is live, but is still a work-in-progress. The goal is to promote transparency, through a web presence that has a new look and yet a link to the past. She asks us to post to our Instagram and Facebook pages. Dates of upcoming Board meetings and general meetings will be posted on webpage. Also included with be process for getting items on the agenda.

Staff Meetings: Open to all. Meetings are every Wednesday around 10:00 AM.

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting.

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