Board Minutes July 10 2018


Meeting began at 4:00 pm, and ended at 7:00.

Present:  Sue Patz, Rima Semaan, John Smith, Deb Bedwell, Larry Sandler, Alan Cooper, Mary Ann Mears, Marcy Emmer, Nicole Fall (staff), Pat Halle, John Gazurian, Candace Mitchell (staff), Carla Dunlap, Ronni Aronin, Mary Jo Kirschman.  Absent:  Megan Rich, Mackenzie Buchanan, Bilal Ali, George Ciscle.

Minutes from June 6 meeting:  Approved, with typos corrected

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Sue Patz thanked John Smith, Rima Semaan, and herself for their accomplishment in securing a new loan agreement for BC.  She reported that our new bank will be Columbia, and the loan will be for a 10 year term, with an option to renew for an additional 10 years, if we have met all terms of the loan. The interest rate will adjust after 5 years and the loan will amortize over 20 years.  Columbia also gave us (unasked) a $100,000 line of credit, to use, if needed.

The following motion to accept the loan agreement was made by John Smith, seconded John Gazurian and approved unanimously:

  •             The Board authorizes the Board President and Vice-President to enter into a loan agreement with Columbia Bank, for the purpose of refinancing the debt currently with First National Bank (FNB).  The loan amount of $700,000 will replace our existing loan with FNB.
  •             The Board also authorizes the Board President and Vice-President to enter into a $100,000 line of credit facility agreement with Columbia Bank for working capital purposes.  Board authorization will be required prior to borrowing any money from this line of credit.
  •             The Board also authorizes the Board President and Vice-President to execute any documents necessary to implement the new financing.

The Charrette was a huge success, thanks to Mary Ann Mears and her advisory group. (See Nicole Fall’s report.)

BC has applied for several grants:  Baltimore City’s Children and Youth Fund (August) Bloomberg (August), and another round of CITCs (October).


Charrette: 67 people attended.  The process brought forth new ideas to solve problems, within a framework of inclusion, community, transformation and innovation.

Follow-ups:   * A designed report, which can be used as a handbook for BC.

* A “Try-It” for participants (Pat Halle to contact Blaise De Paolo)

* Both the Motor House and Man Alive expressed desire to work with us

Community Arts:   Herb Massie and Hannah Pierce are working with Banner Neighborhoods community organization, at the Creative Alliance,  Carolyn Philips is at Step by Step, Sallah Jenkins is at the House of Ruth and the Walter P Carter Center, and Wes Brown is covering community arts while Ana Maria Economu is fulfilling previous commitment to teach this summer for Young Audiences.


  • 96 adults divided among 13 classes (8 classes cancelled in first summer session)
  • 10 in June Open Studio; 8 people in July
  • 23 Springboard participants
  • 16 year-to-date private or group lessons

Camps:  There are now 127 campers (last year we had 200, before they were canceled).   Keys to Success, 901 Arts and scholarship students will now have places at camp.

BY-LAWS REPORT:  A motion to accept proposed By-Laws changes (see attached) was made by John Smith., seconded by Marcy Emmer, and approved unanimously.  In discussion, it was agreed that students and other specific stakeholders would not be separately represented by a designated percentage of membership on the Board of Directors.  The composition of the Board will be discussed in Governance and Nominating Committees.

EVENTS REPORT: Marcy Emmer reported that her committee decided the numbers don’t work to support having a Gala, at this time.  They will pursue smaller, more inclusive functions in the community, showing off who we are and what we do.

NOMINATIONS REPORT:  John Smith moved (John Gazurian seconded) that Annet Couwenberg be approved for the Board, and that additional nominees must reflect our diverse community.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Terms for Current Board Members: Alan Cooper moved (John Smith seconded) that we establish terms for current Board Members, since this group came in during time of emergency, without such guidance, and some people might be ready to move on.

Outreach to Advisory Board members to ascertain their interest in serving on the Board will be conducted by George Ciscle, Mary Ann Mears, Nicole Fall and Sue Patz.

Interviews for Executive Director Position:  Larry Sandler said that they plan to announce that applications are open, and interviews will begin August 1.


Website: Carla recommended that we keep our U logo, for now, since it is recognizable, but that we change the typeface and use color.

Carla Dunlap also recommended that the website be refreshed rather than completely re-done, at this time.  This work can be completed in a few weeks, with adherence to “accessibility standards for print”.  The goal is to be IMAGE FOCUSED.

Public Presence:  Push to Start wants to help us with public relations and marketing.

Motions: Mary Ann Mears moved (John Gazurian seconded) that Carla Dunlap get a proposal from Push to Start, and bring that to the Executive Committee, and that she contract with Summit for the work on our logo and website refresh.  Motion passed unanimously.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Alan Cooper reported that the Appeal letter (target:  c550 past supporters) has not yet been sent, because of Sara Morales-Morgan’s busy schedule.

CITC Availability (ending Dec. 31, 2018):  Will be announced in the Appeal letter, and then publicized on all social media.  The Board decided that any and all donations (must be $500 or more) will be accepted, on a first-come, first-served basis.

(Note:  This $50,000 is the 2nd half of our 2017/18 CITC program.  We have a new proposal, for 2019/2020, pending.  See President’s Report, above.)


Global Day of Clay:   October 10, 2018

Events Committee will manage our participation.

Next Board Meetings: Board will continue to meet on Wednesdays, from 4:00 to 6:30 pm

  • August 29 (pending)
  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 13
  • December 5

Next Executive Committee Meetings:

  • September 5
  • October 3
  • November 6
  • November 28

Resident artists will be introduced to community in a welcoming event.  Date TBA. Will be organized by Deb Bedwell and others


Minutes submitted by Mary Jo Kirschman, Secretary

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting. 


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