Board Minutes Jan. 3 2018

Baltimore Clayworks Board Meeting
Jan. 3, 2018

Present: Sue Patz, Ronni Aronin, John K. Smith, Deb Bedwell, Rima Semaan, Alan Cooper, Leathia West, Larry Sandler, Marcy Emmer, Pat Halle, Mary Ann Mears, George Ciscle, Mary Jo Kirschman, Bilal Ali (Excused), Nicole Fall, Staff

Minutes from the Nov. 29 meeting were approved.

Sue opened the meeting with a New Year’s Toast and Thank You to staff, volunteers and the Board. It is 100 days since the keys were turned over to our new leadership! Since then we have had:
• Over 70 volunteers clean both buildings
• 140 students attending classes
• the beginning of a major Fundraising Campaign
• Springboard in operation

Marsha Smelkinson resigned from the Board as of Jan. 3, but not before putting in a great deal of time on designing a picture of where BC stands financially. She will continue to work on communications with the Board committee. The Board thanked her profusely for her year of commitment and hard work.

Financial: Rima hopes to have a “regular” cash flow report by next meeting. Conversations continue with past students and campers to resolve credits, loans and refunds. Questions about how long to keep non-respondents on the credit list will be referred to the Board’s attorney, Kirk Kolodner.

Bank: Deb, John, Sue and Rima spoke to our bank, and recommended to the Board that we look for another place to do business. Audits: The 2016 was completed by Ruth. The new accountant, Marcia Sternbergh will finish the 2017 audit.

Real Estate Committee: The Board established this committee to consider all options for the Gallery building and parking lot. Committee members will include Marcy, Mary Ann, John and Sue. They will recruit others from outside the Board.

Advisory Group: Mary Ann, Sue and George will represent the Board on the Advisory Group. There are currently 12 members. They are planning a charrette in April, to look at BC’s structure and sustainability, and seek funding from a foundation. Anticipated cost: $5000 to $10,000.

First Quarterly Community Meeting is scheduled for Jan. 27. A number of Board members will attend, along with Nicole.

Minutes submitted by Mary Jo Kirschman, Secretary to the Board.

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting

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