Board Minutes Jan. 24 2018

Jan. 24, 2018

Present: Sue Patz, Ronnie Aronin, John Smith, Rima Semaan, Alan Cooper, Mary Ann Mears, George Ciscle, Pat Halle, Marcy Emmer, Mary Jo Kirschman, Nicole Fall (staff)

Introduction: Sue introduced our new part-time accountant, Marcia Sternburgh. She is very experienced with non-profits, having worked with over 60 of them. Her task now is to organize our 2017 financials, beginning in December, 2017 and working back to October, when the new Board of Trustees took over.

Board Membership: Sue will contact Sophie and Mackenzie.

Minutes: Approved, with additions/corrections. Marsha Smelkinson was present, via phone.

Executive Committee Report: Sue described visit from Maryland State Arts Council as very successful. After our report, they told us to expect the full $60,000 grant award for FY2018. Rima would like Alan to be part of the Exec. Committee.

IT/Marketing Strategy: This is in process, but for the moment we will stay with current database manager. Question: Do we need a separate person for each task, or can one staff person handle both IT and Marketing? The Budget Committee is working on this. Alan, Sue and others will develop a job description with priorities. Mary Ann offered to assist in the search for qualified applicants.

Financials: The Board authorized payment of $100 to the bank, to pay the cost of closing our LLC account. Pat moved and the Board approved that 3 signatures be authorized to act as interlocutors with T. Rowe Price for stock transfers, and that 3 signatories be authorized for Brown Advisory, which holds the Mary E. Nyburg Fund for Artistic Development. The Nyburg Fund provides $1000 fellowships for study and related public presentations. The Fund has been quiescent since 2009. Pat will gather appropriate folks to explore how the Fund could be used, and how to revive and expand its contributor base.

Upcoming Community Meeting: This will be the first of regular quarterly open sessions, part of our commitment to be open and transparent with our stakeholders. Sue solicited ideas for the presentation and requested Board participation on Sat. 1/28.

Advisory Committee: Mary Ann and George reported that last week was the first meeting, and that participants were very enthused about their charge, especially the charrette, now scheduled for mid-April. They have applied to the Baker Fund to cover the costs, estimated at $15,000. This will include an intern from the Urban Arts Leadership Program (who starts work tomorrow), 3 paid interns from the Carey Business School for 50 hours (starting Mar. 3), a “scope-a-thon” organized by Carey to define the scope of the charrette, and other costs associated with the event. The committee hopes to use the Hopkins building in Mt. Washington, for the event.

CITC Report: As of the meeting, donations in the amount of $32,000 (of $50,000 available for 2017) have been submitted for approval by the State.

Facilities: Pat said Roger Curtis and John Gazurian will cover for her during her vacation. Laura Penza is heading implementation of energy saving efforts, including installation of LED lights in studio bldg, with BGE. Other areas to investigate are heating and air conditioning (plans available), and parking lot lighting.

ED Report: Mary Cloonan will be back as Exhibitions Coordinator, on a part time basis. Janet Waters, who helped with outreach for Community Arts when Nicole was in charge of the program, will again help CA part time. Nicole will create a way to capture volunteer hours for grant proposals.

Misc.: The Board will begin to look at revising the membership structure, including a larger community presence on the Board itself. There was discussion about how to increase transparency and participation, beyond the Quarterly Meetings and the charrette.

Minutes submitted by Mary Jo Kirschman, Board Secretary

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting.

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