Board Minutes April 4 2018


PRESENT: Ronni Aronin, Mary Ann Mears, John Gazurian, Sue Patz, Marcy Emmer, Megan Rich, Deb Bedwell, George Ciscle, Carla Dunlap, Leathia West, John Smith, Pat Halle, Cynthia Kammann, Mary Jo Kirschman, Nicole Fall (IED), Marcia Sternbergh (Finance). ABSENT: Rima Semaan, Bilal Ali, Larry Sandler Mackenzie Buchanan

NEW MEMBERS: Sue introduced and Board approved addition of four new members, Cynthia Kammann, John Gazurian, Carla Dunlap and Megan Rich. Welcome!

MINUTES OF MARCH 7th MEETING approved as read. It was agreed that the formal minutes of Board meetings should primarily reflect decisions made and approved by the Board.

• Communications and Marketing: To be chaired by Carla. Board Minutes and Committee reports will be linked to website.
• Financial: Deb and Sue and John will continue to work through the business plan drafted by Rima; 2018 cash flow projected to be “in the black”; Marcia reported that BC is about to go live with QuikBook; 2017 Audit to be completed by mid-May; CITC finishing last steps for 2017 contributions, which is gateway to soliciting another $50,000 in 2018
• ByLaws: Leathia reported that revisions are in process. Goals include providing “insurance against bumps” and rebuilding trust. Also to build in representation of all stakeholders.
• IED: Nicole reported details of current student enrollment, summer school, Community Arts programming and NCECA recruitment of Resident Artists.
• Advisory Committee: Mary Ann reported that keynote speaker and date still being firmed up.
• Real Estate: Report postponed because of time.
• Facilities: Report postponed because of time.

Please track your volunteer hours, which will aid staff in preparing grant applications.
2018 NCECA presentations are available for viewing on YouTube.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Jo Kirschman, Board Secretary

With the exception of Personnel and Legal Matters the above represents the full and complete minutes of the Board Meeting.

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