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January 29, 2008
For Immediate Release

Contact: Mary Cloonan
Exhibitions Director
410 578 1919 x 18

Baltimore Clayworks presents
Terra Incognita: Unknown Land

Baltimore, Maryland – January 29, 2008 –Baltimore Clayworks is pleased to exhibit Land which will feature installation and sculptural work that map the interior and exterior landscape. Terra Incognita: Unknown Land runs from March 1 through April 18, 2008 with an opening reception on Saturday, March 1st, from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

Rebecca Harvey, curator and a professor at Ohio State University, states: “What makes a map? In its simplest definition a map is the recording of one sort of information at the cost of others. A map is an abstraction in the extreme, a representation of information stripped of the extraneous. We live in the age of maps; we map roads and weather systems, geopolitical boundaries and nerve systems. I am interested in looking at the work of these artists in terms of mapping, in expanding the definition to include the abstraction of form and meaning, in a stripping away to uncover meaning. Can a map be a line, a pattern, a series of objects? How do we map the unknown?”

Invited artists include: Dylan Beck (PA), Tim Berg (LA), Margaret Boozer (MD), Myung Jin Choi (PA), Guy Michael Davis (OH), Trevor Dunn (UT), Edith Garcia (UK), Holly Hanessian (FL), Rebecca Harvey (OH), Jill Oberman (MT), Forrest Snyder (MD), Steve Thurston (OH), June Woest (TX).

High resolution images will be available for publication; please contact Mary Cloonan to have images emailed or sent to you. Above image by Edith Garcia- “Missing III, Displacement Series”

Baltimore Clayworks is a not-for-profit ceramic art center located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. Founded in 1980, Clayworks is housed in two renovated buildings, and offers classes, artists' spaces, exhibitions and programs in the community. Hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. For more information, call Baltimore Clayworks at (410) 578-1919 or visit