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June 10, 2008
For Immediate Release

Contact: Mary Cloonan
Exhibitions Director
410 578 1919 x 18

Baltimore Clayworks presents

Baltimore, Maryland – June 10th, 2008 –Baltimore Clayworks hosts the exhibition Symbiosis features artists invited by Bernadette Curran and Krista Grecco. This exhibition runs from August 9th through September 18th, 2008 with an opening reception on Saturday, August 9th, from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

Baltimore Clayworks has invited Bernadette Curran and Krista Grecco to serve as Co-Curators for our upcoming summer show. Symbiosis will be a diverse exhibition of functional and sculptural, animal and figurative ceramic works. Participating Artists are: Kurt Anderson (NY), Joe Bova (NM), Mark Burleson (GA), Michael Corney (NM), Bernadette Curran (PA), Debra Fritts (GA), Krista Grecco (GA), Robin and John Gumaelius (WA), Jenny Mendes (OH), Lisa Naples (PA), Hannah Niswonger (MA), Jessica Orlowski (GA), Helen Otterson (FL), Amanda Salvo (AR), Kevin Snipes, (OH), Novie Trump (VA), Kurt Weiser (AZ).

The following is their interpretation on the theme for the exhibition; “Some define Symbiosis as an interaction in which at least one or both organisms benefit, a kind of mutualism. They may involve one living on another, one living inside another, or related by mutual behaviors.

The process of creating art is similar for most of us. It is a sort of “feeding off” of what inspires us; family, friends, past, present, nature, humanity. From this mélange of ideas we construct our form, surface and concept in clay.

There is no one definition of symbiosis. It is your interpretation that will be the driving force behind the evolution of this exhibition, for we all address the animal and/or figure in diverse and inspired way”

High resolution images will be available for publication; please contact Mary Cloonan to have images emailed or sent to you.

Featured in the Member Artist Gallery: Trisha Kyner

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