See an Exhibition

See an Exhibition

Exhibitions are the guidestar in Clayworks’ constellation of programs and provide a tangible and engaging showcase for ceramic art while advancing our mission to support ceramic artists. They extend our educational purpose and become teaching tools with which to educate the public. Quality exhibitions bring respect and interest from other arts institutions and from seasoned art collectors; they provide access and a more complete understanding of the medium of ceramics to those who view them.

  • January 7-March 4, 2017

    In the Main Gallery: Teapots VIII
    In The Solo Gallery: Ceramic Sculpture Culture
    In The Project Space Gallery: Towson University, CCBC Essex and Coppin State

    Teapots VIII

    Juried by Sam Chung
    January 7-March 4, 2017


    Baltimore, Maryland - Clayworks offers you some hospitality to fight the winter’s chill with our exhibition: Teapots VIII, juried by nationally recognized ceramic artist and educator, Sam Chung. Join us for our opening reception on Friday, January 6, 2017; from 6-8 which is free and open to the public!

    Our juror, Sam Chung, has selected a vibrant array of artists for Teapots VIII.  Perfect for collectors and students alike to explore vessels showcased in our gallery for daily domestic tasks or fancier ones for more elaborate rituals.

    Sam Chung relates in his juror’s statement that Teapots VIII celebrates “The teapot as one of the most recognizable and iconic pottery forms throughout the world.  It’s a form that has evolved throughout history in many cultures, yet its function remains constant, to deliver tea.  Not many ceramic forms point at such a specific ritual as the teapot does.  The handle extends an offer to the user’s hand, the lid invites the user to insert tea and hot water, and the spout delivers the reward.  It’s a magical object that mediates a series of actions for a specific beverage.”

    “There is probably no other pottery form that is as complex as the teapot.  What other form demands so much attention to so many things? Form, design, function, ergonomics, pouring, scale, and history are among many of the factors that one can address.  It is also has the most sculptural potential within the vernacular of pottery and continues to be one of the most broadly interpreted forms in ceramics.  From strictly functional, to cube-shaped, to figurative, to organic, the teapot has taken on so many variations.  It has been one of the most creatively interpreted forms in historical and contemporary ceramics.”

    Juried Artists:  Elka Adamowicz,  Hayne Bayless,  Anne Bowen,  Cynthia Deitch,  Julia Feld,  Beverly Fetterman,  Daniel Goodwin,  Steve Hilton,  Tom Hubert,  En Iwamura,  Joy Jones,  YoonJee Kwak,  Rebecca Lowery,  Yong Jian Ken Lu,  Charlotte Lindley Martin,  William McKinney,  Mark A. Mentzel,  John Olson,  Jessica Palmer,  Maxine B. Peck, Mike Poness,  Sam Scott

    Invited Artists: Posey Bacapolous (NY), Paul Donnelly (MO), Mike Helke (MN), Jason Hess (AZ), Mike Jabbur (VA) and Kristen Kieffer (MA).

    In our Solo Gallery we will host small-scale works from the collective: Ceramic Sculpture Culture.


    Ceramic Sculpture Culture (CSC) is a talented group of emerging ceramic sculptors who have united to form a collective. The artists of the CSC Collective are Kevin Rohde, Travis Winters, Rachel Ballard, Sara E. Morales-Morgan, Taylor Robenalt, Kyungmin Park, Jamie Bates Slone, Kensuke Yamada, Benjamin Lambert, and Richard W. James. We, as individual artists, have come together to create a community that reaches beyond the regional and institutional aspects of art making to encourage a larger artist community using technology and social media. As individual artists we all saw a need to form a collective that serves as an outlet for a sustainable studio practice while helping educate others. With this newly formed collective we are applying for group exhibitions, panel discussions and artist demonstrations, proposing Artist-Invite-Artist residencies, and running an Instagram page that highlights contemporary sculptural ceramics. The intention of this group is to enable artists to achieve greater goals in their own art practice by pulling from everyone’s individual resources and strengths.  Our goal is to unite more ceramic sculptors together and create a greater awareness of the amazing talent in the contemporary ceramic sculpture field.

    The Project Space Gallery will have on display the work by area university students from the first firing of our brand new wood-kiln.  During our recent Firefest in October, we loaded the wares from Towson University, CCBC Essex and Coppin State students and their professors.  This is the third year we have hosted the local schools in a wood-kiln firing and shared the results from these emerging talents.