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2013 Major Gift Opportunities

Baltimore Clayworks relies on major gift support to fund special projects and initiatives through a significant donation. These gifts are for unique projects that move the organization forward.

Rebuilding the gas kiln - $10,000
Baltimore Clayworks’ gas kiln has been in use since the organization’s opening in 1980. The kiln has far exceeded its life expectancy. This year we will be rebuilding our gas kiln in order to keep firing all of our artists’ students’ and community work.

Building a soda kiln - $5,000
The soda firing process is similar to salt firing except that soda ash (sodium carbonate) in water solution, instead of salt, is sprayed into the kiln. The sodium vapor combines with silica in the clay to form a sodium-silicate glaze. This firing process produces a unique surface and the addition of this kiln to Baltimore Clayworks would provide another opportunity for artists and students to expand the results in their work.

Increasing Clayworks’ visibility with new signage - $3,000
Help attract more visitors to our Mt. Washington gallery and studio. Increased visibility will maximize exposure of our ceramic exhibitions that are free to the public and encourage visitors to take classes.

Ceramics Program for Veterans - $5,000
Baltimore Clayworks’ Community Arts program reaches people in communities across the Baltimore region. Your gift will provide affordable access for returned veterans to heal, create art and find joy in creativity and self-expression while transitioning back into civilian life.

New database - $30,000
Help us communicate better with you! With a new database Baltimore Clayworks would be able to save time and resources by more efficiently reaching our artists, members, students and supporters.

Exhibitions – varying amounts
Support Baltimore Clayworks by sponsoring an exhibition. Exhibition sponsorships provide significant philanthropic and marketing opportunities. Choose the exhibition of your choice to support, be engaged in hosting the opening and be a patron of the ceramic arts in Baltimore City.

Executive Director search - $30,000
Baltimore Clayworks is searching for a new Executive Director. The Board has engaged Transition Guides, an executive search firm that specializes in non-profits leadership transition to lead the search and recruit potential candidates. Your donation will ensure a smooth and successful transition for our new Executive Director.

To make a major gift or if you are interested in finding a way to increase your support of the organization, but major gift support does not seem like a good fit, contact Clayworks’ Development Director at 410-578-1919 x14 to discuss hosting a fundraising event and other opportunities.