Collaborate in the Community

Public Art Program
Public Art Program

How does public art serve the community? When individuals and a community collaborate on a public art project, they create a beautiful co-authored work of art that can generate an ongoing dialogue and investment in the arts. The public art projects which result from residencies with visiting artists are developed based on the needs of the community. Therefore, the fit between the community organization and the artist is vital. Sometimes public art projects begin with an artist who Clayworks is excited to work with. Then the task is finding a community group/organization/institution to partner with the aesthetics and sensibilities of the artist. In other instances, public art projects start with a community group/organization/institution that has a specific need, and it is then the job of Clayworks to seek out an artist who can best serve that need.

Interested in partnering with Clayworks to create public art with your community? We can uniquely create budgets and programs that result in community-based public art projects such as mosaic murals, stepping stones and pavers.

Contact Laura Cohen, Director of Community Arts 410-578-1919 x13 or to start a partnership!

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