Collaborate in the Community

Collaborate in the Community
  • Carolyn Phillips

    Carolyn has worked at Baltimore Clayworks for four years as a Community Arts teacher, teaching at multiple sites including Jubilee Arts, Robert Coleman Elementary, Chinquapin Middle School, Pimlico Road, and many others. She is a retired Baltimore City art teacher, certified to teach K-12 and taught a variety of media for 30 years.

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  • Herb Massie

    Herb has been teaching at Baltimore Clayworks since September of 2000. He coordinates teaching sites for the Community Arts Program and is the site Manager for the Clay for All Center at the Zeta Center. He participated in and led public community art projects including “Discovering Community: The History of East Baltimore” at Dunbar Middle school, the “Memorial: Tiffany Square” project, “And still I Rise” at St. Frances Academy, and “The Parkway Community” mural, among many others. He teaches the senior adult classes for Community Arts as well as youth programs. He is co-directing the Community Arts program at Baltimore Clayworks.

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  • Laura Cohen

    Laura is a community artist, organizer, advocate, teaching artist and co-director of Community Arts at Baltimore Clayworks. As co-director of Community Arts at Clayworks, she creates, manages and facilitates teachers, interns and volunteers, community projects, public art installations, partnerships and programs that bring the joy, skill development, increased self-esteem and community building of high quality ceramics programming to the underserved communities of Baltimore City. She has her B.S in Art Education from the University of Vermont, holds a Master of Arts in Community Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art and completed two terms of service with AmeriCorps State. Laura is a licensed art educator, has been working at Baltimore Clayworks since 2008.

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  • Helen Hardesty

    Helen is a Baltimore native, arts educator, ceramic artist and mosaic artist. She has been teaching with Clayworks for over eight years and infuses the joy of clay in the Baltimore City youth with whom she works.

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  • Sallah Jenkins

    Sallah is a ceramic artist, teacher, student, mom and grandma. Outside of Baltimore Clayworks she was once referred to as the Craft Queens of Baltimore by the Baltimore Sun. She is known to attend community craft festivals as an ethnic face painter, painting only African inspired designs. Sallah has also participated in Axis Alley, a community project designed to beautify abandon homes, Theatre Project's, Zippy the Pinhead, the play where she assisted in the costume design and making under the tutelage of Professor Nicole Fall, and has been a craft creator and facilitator for Art on Purpose, Black Man's Identity Project along with Reginald Lewis Museum of African American History and Art annual Kwanzaa Program. Currently she is completing a BA degree in Urban Arts at the HBC Coppin State College. There are two signature sayings that Sallah likes to leave as her closing, they are Keep Art Alive and Peace and Pottery. Her belief is that Art touches on every aspect of life.

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  • Dominique Hellgeth

    Dominique is a ceramic artist, community artist and second year AmeriCorps, Community Arts Collaborative member at Baltimore Clayworks. Dominique teaches and studio manages the Clay for All Center at Jubilee Arts and facilitates the Buy a Cup, Give a Class program in the Community Arts Gallery. Dominique is interested in working with raw materials, clay and building community through shared experiences.

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  • Yvonne Crieghton

    Yvonne Creighton has been working as a community artist and teacher for over fifteen years. She teaches art to a diverse group of students. Ms. Creighton has taught clay, painting, and book making to children. She also teaches clay and mixed media art to adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Her own work investigates the natural world of animals, plants, insects and ocean life.

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  • Mary Cloonan

    Mary is a Clayworks resident artist and exhibitions director. She holds her MFA from Syracuse University and her BS Fine Arts from Nazareth College. Mary teaches at recreation centers, at our Clay for All Centers and at other various churches and grassroots organizations in Baltimore.

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  • Ida Fuell

    Ida has been teaching youth and senior adult workshops at Clayworks for over three years. She is a retired Baltimore City art teacher and loves making ceramic jewelry.

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  • Lynette Rodgers

    Lynette is a ceramics artist and teacher- she brings the joy of clay to recreation centers and schools. She has her undergraduate degree in ceramics from Morgan State University.

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