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Scholarship Application
Scholarship Application

The Baltimore Clayworks Scholarship fund was established in 1996 upon receipt of a generous gift from the Lipitz foundation. It was augmented by funds donated by friends and families in memory of Clayworks artists Andrew Brunelle and Jan Rattenbury, and by donations from concerned individuals.

Scholarship funds will cover the full class fee for one adult class, including the initial 25 lbs. of clay included with the class. It will not cover firing and other materials costs.

A committee chosen by the trustees and staff at Baltimore Clayworks is administering the Baltimore Clayworks Scholarship fund. The staff and trustees assure applicants and their families that the financial information supplied here will be held in the strictest confidence. Financial need is a primary factor in the decision making process; however the committee is not bound by any established formula in making the awards. The committee seeks, in so far as possible, to balance responsibility for the stewardship of donated funds with applicants’ needs, commitment to ceramics, and concern for privacy.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship fund, please contact Matthew Hyleck at 410-578-1919 ex.16 or via e-mail matt.hyleck@baltimoreclayworks.org.

Download the Baltimore Clayworks Scholarship Fund Application