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Mt. Washington Studio Classes Policies


Most WINTER classes are 4 weeks, most SPRING and FALL classes are 12 weeks, and most SUMMER classes are 8 weeks. Tuition for each class includes: 25 pounds of clay, bisque firing and access to the studio when the classroom is NOT occupied with classes or workshops. You must be paid and enrolled to guarantee a space is reserved for you in the class.

We recommend all first-time students purchase a basic pottery tool kit (PTK) with their registration, $18.00 plus tax ($19.08). Students are encouraged to bring an apron, hand towel, assorted glaze/wax brushes (inexpensive synthetic are fine) and small notepad/sketchbook to class with them each week. Multi-week classes includes 25# clay and bisque firing. Glaze fees apply for all finish firings; .05 cents per cubic inch or .03 cents per cubic inch for bulk totals equal or exceeding 1,200 cubic inches.
Students (16 & up) are welcome to enroll in any of the adult classes or workshops.


Baltimore Clayworks encourages all of our students to become members. Members are entitled to take classes and workshops at discounted prices. Levels of membership giving begin at $40 and enable Clayworks to keep its doors open and to offer its artistic and educational programs in Mt. Washington and in neighborhoods throughout the region. Contributions above $40 are especially appreciated. To check your membership status, call (410) 578-1919. This offer may not be combined with additional discounts or promotions. 

Any Baltimore individual student may enroll in two courses held in concurrent sessions of the same duration/value and receive 35% off of the 2nd course. This offer applies only to full session classes and may not convey across multiple class sessions. All short-session courses, childrens courses and one or two day workshops are excluded. This offer may not be combined with additional discounts or promotions. 

Individuals 65 and older are eligible to receive a 20% discount when enrolling in all regular classes or workshops. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, please check the appropriate box on the registration form. This discount does not extend to firing or materials fees including our Community Woodfire weekends. This offer may not be combined with additional discounts or promotions. 


  • We reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not reached.
  • Full tuition will be retuned if class is not conducted.
  • Missed classes are non refundable.
  • 100% of deposit will be refunded with notice 2 weeks prior to 1st class or workshop.
  • 50% of deposit will be refunded prior to the 2nd class.
  • Annual membership fee is not refundable.
  • No refunds or application of fees to future classes after 2nd class. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Baltimore Clayworks reserves the right to photograph adult and children’s classes and workshops for promotional use on our website or in print publications.  Please indicate at the time of registration if you do not wish to have your photograph reproduced.
Scholarships are available for both adults and children’s courses thanks in large part to Baltimore Clayworks donors.  To apply for a scholarship you must complete an application form and return, along with your registration form, to Baltimore Clayworks.  For more information please e-mail Matthew Hyleck at matt.hyleck@baltimoreclayworks.org or phone 410-578-1919 x16.

Baltimore Clayworks follows Baltimore City’s inclement weather school closing. If City schools are closed, all of our day classes are cancelled. If City schools are 1 or 2 hours delayed, our morning classes will start on time. Evening and weekend students should call Clayworks at 5PM for a recorded message on the status of their class.
We Have work exchange! Work Exchange is an important and integral part of our educational programming. The Work Exchange program allows a student to apply labor hours towards class enrollment fees, up to ½ of their tuition for first time Work Exchange students. Veteran Work Exchange students who have successfully completed one class session of labor may negotiate full tuition exchange. All Work Exchange students must be registered at the Baltimore Clayworks Earthenware Circle Membership ($40) to participate.Download application here
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Jubilee/Zeta Center Studio Classes Policies

  • Please remember that the fee students pay for classes is a registration fee and that actual tuition expenses for Baltimore Clayworks Community Arts Programming are generously underwritten by funders from the community. Our refund policy is as follows:
    • • If a student wishes to cancel a registration up to seven days before the first class, the student must contact Clayworks’ community arts office, and the full fee will be refunded.
    • • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable any time after six days before the first day of class. Therefore, if a student wishes to withdraw after the first class has taken place, the registration fee will not be returned.
    • • We reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not reached. In this case, the full registration fee will be returned or it may be used toward another class.
  • Photography By enrolling in a class, students/legal guardians grant permission for Baltimore Clayworks to use images of students and/or their artwork in related publications. Students may request in writing to be omitted from any photography or they may request it at the time photos are being taken. Click here to download the photo release form.
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