About Us

About Us

The Baltimore Clayworks woodkiln is a 2 chamber noborigama style wood and salt kiln designed and constructed in a workshop with Kevin Crowe. In 2011, it was redesigned and rebuilt by resident artist Jim Dugan. Chamber I is fired with wood alone and a small amount of salt is added to the second chamber. The kiln is fired to cone 11 over the course of 18 - 20 hours.

Participants will have an opportunity to choose shifts in preparation and during the firing process that are appropriate. One share constitutes kiln space equal to 12” x 12” x 60” and there are 10 full shares available per firing. Participants are encouraged to contact Clayworks with questions regarding appropriate clay bodies, slips or glazes for use in the Noborigama.

Firing Schedule

  • Kiln Loading: Fridays at 1pm
  • Kiln Firing: Saturday Afternoon until Sunday at sunrise
  • Kiln Openings: Wednesday afternoon following the firing


  • Visiting Rental: $1400.00
  • Clayworks Student Rental: $1200.00
  • Monthly Community Firing: $150.00 member $175.00 nonmember

The following are provided at all firings

A variety of slips and glazes for bisque ware, wadding, cone packs, wood and monitoring. You may choose to provide wood (1 cord split to size) for a discount of $100.00

Clay Body Recommendations

  • Stoneware: Phoenix, Standard 153, Standard 470, Orangestone
  • White Stoneware: B-Mix Wood, B-Mix, Standard 182
  • Porcelain: Helios, Standard 257