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Baltimore Clayworks is a non-profit ceramic art center, founded in 1980 by nine potters and ceramic sculptors who sought to establish a community center for artists, students, and the public to experience and learn about clay. Originally located in the old Mt. Washington library built in 1919 (now the Studio Building), Baltimore Clayworks expanded in 1999 with the transformational gift of a former Sisters of Mercy convent, given to Clayworks by The St. Paul Companies (now the Gallery Building). Today, Clayworks maintains these two historic buildings positioned across the street from each other in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Baltimore City. Baltimore Clayworks’ 17,500 sq. ft. of facilities are made up of artists’ studios, three classrooms, a suite of seven gallery spaces, gas, wood-fired and electric kilns, offices, a kitchen and meeting space.

With our facilities, our people are our great strength. In the past 30 years, Clayworks has grown to involve 13 resident and 30 member artists, 26 trustees, 15 full time, part time, and contractual staff along with more than 25 teachers, 20 interns and work-study students, dozens of volunteers and, hundreds of donors, all of whom make Clayworks a unique, vibrant and community-centered institution. Our exhibitions, which originally showed the work of local clay artists, now showcases the best of international, national and local ceramic artists working in ceramic sculpture, pottery, tile, installation and conceptual ceramics. Today, our educational programs which began with 40 dedicated individuals, teach the discipline of ceramics to more than 1200 students on our Mt. Washington campus, and through our nationally acclaimed satellite programs, reach 500 children and senior adults in Baltimore’s most challenged neighborhoods. Community ceramic art education is led by artists who are both locally treasured and clay artists with a high national profile.